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Spring 1998 - Newsletter

Propane Water Heater Saves Money

Buying a propane water heater actually saves you money. It's true. A water heater is the second most costly energy user in a home. If you have a standard electric model, you are probably paying almost twice as much to heat the same amount of water when compared to a standard propane gas heater.

An average family of four requires approximately 100 to 120 gallons of heated water per day, according to National Propane Gas Association. Based on the 1991 representative costs released by the U.S. Department of Energy, the annual operating cost of a standard electric heater is $546, and energy saver propane gas water heater is $310 and a high efficiency propane gas water heater you can save up to $262 every year.

Propane also uses considerably less natural energy than electricity. And, conserving energy is something we're all concerned about. Electricity loses approximately 73% of its efficiency from the point of generation to the end -user. Propane loses only three percent. That means more than three times the electricity must be produced to euqal the efficiency of propane gas at the end-user-you! It typically takes an electric water heater longer to heat up water than it takes a propane heater with the same size tank.

No one likes to spend more on utilities than they have to. Buying an affordable energy-efficient propane water heater just makes good sense.

And here's more good news: Propane water heaters recover hot water faster, so you get more hot water during peak usage times!

Let us help you figure how much you could save by converting your water heater system to propane. Call us! 618-885-5071 or 1-800-770-4974.

Spring Cleaning

When you're cleaning closets this spring, remember that your propane system needs a good cleaning every so often, too!

We recommend a GAS CHECK for leaks which makes sure the system is up to code and that everything works. Any repairs are recommended and any important questions you might have can be answered. So call today to schedule a GAS check!

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