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From The Desk Of Chris...

        What a difference a year makes. This time last heating season we were emerging from a deep freeze. The price of gas was recovering from record highs, and a lot of people had Cabin Fever. In this heating season, I can count on two hands how many times the temperature dropped below 20 degrees and if you're like us the winter coat was replaced by a Fall jacket.

        I was talking with Lewis Bradshaw, one of my Propane Suppliers, about next year's forecasted propane supplies for winter. Lewis said records show after an El Nino year (when the water off the coast of South American is warmer than normal causing our weather to come out of the Pacific Ocean instead of Canada) it is traditionally followed by a La Nina. La Nina causes the water off the West Coast of South America to be cooler than normal causing the opposite effect of an El Nino on weather. When it comes to forecasting long range weather, we'll just have to wait and see what the Good Lord sends us.

        We will be putting together another price cap guarantee program for next year's heating season, similar to the one we had this year. There will be more details in the next newsletter and also the newspaper.

        I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Spring, also before I forget, try out the cheese potato recipe on the COOKING page. It's Great!

Until Next Time,

Chris Sackmann

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