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How to Stay Cool and Calm When Utility Rates Go Up

Across the country, peak electric demand generally means rising electric rates. Many homeowners face the difficult choice between paying more or coping with higher temperatures during the warmest months of the year. Either way, it is hard to stay cool - or keep your cool - when facing this decision. That is why many homeowners choose a propane gas air conditioner, which can cool an entire house for a fraction of the cost of an electric air conditioner.

For example, a study of the area around Fort Myers, Florida, showed that the typical residential home (with an average 1,800 to 2,000 square feet) could reduce its cooling costs by nearly one-third each year by switching from electric to gas cooling.

Maintenance costs are minimal because gas air conditioners have only three moving parts. The typical unit can last more than 20 years, almost three times longer than the average electric-powered compressor. ******************


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Outdoor Living

Gas Grills, Gas Lights, Pools and Spas

Millions of propane gas barbeque grills are used by Americans at home and on vacation. These range from the small portable tabletop models to the very large stationary units. Ideal for the new home buyer and the home improver, built-in propane gas grills enhance the value and desirability of the home. An unlimited variety of custom designs can be adapted to virtually any outdoor living area plan.

A single 20-pound propane cylinder will provide enough fuel for about 40 hours of barbequing. Gas grilling is free of the mess and harmful emissions associated with charcoal grilling. And food grilled on propane grills is just as flavorful.


Gas Lights

To assure safety and complete the pleasure of outdoor living, do not overlook the charm, atmosphere and beauty provided by wall-mounted or free-standing gas lights. They are weatherproof, sturdy and require little maintenance. Most are made of heavy-gauge cast aluminum, and have corrosion resistant, baked-on enamel finishes. A recent innovation is the energy-saving timed-operation unit. This gas light is equipped with a solar-cell activated valve control which reduces the gas flow at dawn. The normal flow resumes at dusk. Gas lights can be installed side-by-side with gas grills utilizing the same gas line.


Pools and Spas

A broad range of pool and outdoor gas heating equipment is also available. Particularly in new housing, heated pools, hot tubs and spas have become important amenities. They are made more affordable to a broader market through the efficiency and economy of propane gas. New and improved controls can accurately heat water to within 10 degrees Fahrenheit of the desired temperature, which saves energy that was previously lost in overheating. Any size pool or spa can be heated with propane gas.

Don't Let Winter's Propane Prices Leave You In The Dark!

When you enroll in our BUDGET BILLING PLAN you will make equal monthly payments and we will guarantee that your propane cost will not exceed a pre-determined price per gallon for the heating season.

We also offer a PREPAY PLAN that allows you the convenience of paying for all your winter propane with a price guarantee before the heating season arrives.

With these programs your heating cost can be planned in advance thereby eliminating your concerns and controlling your energy cost.

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