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Uses of Propane - Facts

This remarkable fuel serves approximately 60 million people in the United States, where approximately 15 billion gallons of propane are consumed annually.

In 1994, propane was used as follows:

  • 78.8 million gallons for utility/gas industry usage
  • 507 million gallons for internal combustion engine use
  • 1.5 billion gallons for other uses including agricultural
  • 5.4 billion gallons for residential/commercial usage
  • 9.0 billion gallons for chemical/industrial usage

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The Environmental Factor

Preserving our Environment - by using propane gas in place of less environmentally friendly fuels, you can address such pressing issues as "acid rain", the "greenhouse effect," urban smog and the "thinning ozone layer" in a very tangible way.

Propane plays a key role in the on-going effort to preserve our environment by conserving energy. Most of the electricity in the United States is produced by burning coal. However, only 35% of the millions of tons of coal burned annually to generate electricity is converted into electricity. More energy, about another five percent, is wasted when electric power is distributed to customers. The bottom line is that users of electricity are left holding the bill for the 70% of energy resources that never gets to them.

In addition, burning coal to generate electricity annually releases millions of tons of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Unlike fuel oil, which emits 17% more carbon dioxide than gas appliances, propane is clean burning.

If you are deciding about the future with an existing underground storage tank, it might be helpful for you to know that because propane is non-toxic and does not get into the water table, it is exempt from the Department of Environmental Protection (EPA) regulations. In fact, the EPA recommends that water suppliers switch from petroleum to safer fuels like propane gas.

By using propane gas instead of electricity, we can cut these emissions in half and help preserve our environment for future generations.

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